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  • The Hidden Meaning Behind the Lyrics

    Tags: Music

    Posted by: Luke

    We've all heard the stories about playing certain records backwards to discover secret incantations, but is there any actual truth to them? Of course not (in most circumstances anyway), but the best … more

  • 17 Gifs That Every Musician Can Relate To

    Tags: Music, Musicians

    Posted by: Jordan

    1: 'You're in a band full-time? Do you make money from that?'

    Yeah, of course. Well, 

    2: ‘You should go on the X-Factor’

    Do I LOOK like Alexandra Burke?

    3: & … more

  • The Definitive Guide to Festival Camping [Infographic]

    Tags: Music

    Posted by: Luke

    Festival season is fast approaching, and whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran to the full camping experience, there are always a few things that you're bound to forget. 

    After all, … more

  • 9 of the Best New Music Blogs You May Have Missed

    Tags: Reviews

    Are you a lover of new music? Always on the hunt for the latest underground songs that have very little chance of making it to mainstream media and becoming overplayed as a result? We’re with … more

  • Why Are Music Festivals So Popular?

    Tags: Music

    The way that we consume music has changed a lot in the last few years. Today, fewer and fewer people buy music in physical form. Downloads have become a much more popular option, and streaming music … more

  • Music Stars with Backgrounds You Didn't Know About

    Tags: Music

    In the world of music, you are only as good as your last album. Listeners are unforgiving and have short memories, and record labels are demanding too. It’s easy to get so caught up in the … more

  • How Music Affects Productivity [Infographic]

    Tags: Infographics

    This infographic has been created using data and information collated and analysed by Sparring Mind. 

    Music can have a strong effect on everything we do in life; whether this be lifting a mood, … more