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  • The Coolest Movie Soundtracks - My Top 10

    Tags: Music, Film and Movies

    Posted by: Ben

    So much more than just a souvenir of your favourite films, a good movie soundtrack can stand alone as a legitimate album, which can sit proudly in your collection amongst the Sergeant Peppers and Ok … more

  • The Greatest Vinyl Collectors

    Tags: Music

    Posted by: Ben

    For some people, simply having access to a premium Spotify account will never suffice. True, having almost every piece of recorded music ever at your fingertips might be convenient, but purists would … more

  • "The Show Must Go On"

    Tags: Music

    Posted by: Laura

    Unbelievable Reasons For Cancelling A Gig

    Few would argue that professional musicians have just about the best jobs in the world. Being able to travel the globe performing to adoring fans and being … more