Create Your Very Own Hipster Band With Our Hipster Album Generator

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I want to create my hipster album right now. Reading blog posts is for sheep.

Are you looking to come up with a band name that doesn’t conform to social norms?

We get it; you and the friends that you met at your local independent coffee chain have started to jam in between publishing new craft beer articles on Tumblr, creating music that only the classiest of ears would appreciate.

We’re here to help you create your first album; one that truly matches your need to be unique. You wouldn’t want fans of popular music to discover you by mistake, so ensuring that it remains underground and timeless is essential.

You’re not One Direction (WHO?) and you certainly won’t be catching your band anywhere near Simon Cowell or the X Factor stage. Why would you want to?

We know exactly where you’re coming from.

When we started our uber cool hipster band, we knew we didn’t want to be like Take That, Girls Aloud or any other mainstream bands. No, we wanted to be Kanye Couldn’t Stop the Dreams.

Kanye Couldn't Stop The Dreams - Fedoras and My Struggle

Our debut album – created by this very generator – was a huge success. ‘Fedoras and My Struggle’ roared straight in at 1322nd on the iTunes chart, selling 3 copies in its first week alone.

NME magazine declined to comment on our music (out of fear of upsetting legendary bands, we imagine) but they did respond saying that our album cover was the most boring that they'd ever seen. They totally got the irony, the sarcasm and the existentialism behind the choice of non-cliché plain wood, and we appreciate that.

The riches of music isn’t financial for us, it’s the euphoric feeling of off-beat rhythms and creating sounds through speakers that will get all of our Myspace friends craving for more.

If you want to create a hipster band of your own, then you can use our generator to create your very first album below. Remember to share your favourites on social media!

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