The Top 10 Best Selling Musical Artists Of All Time

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Famous musicians are those who time and time again offer us melody excellence, lyrical genius and full star personalities. They shock and delight us, and in return we salute them by purchasing their unstoppable hits.

So, if you are curious like us, who are the top 10 bestselling musical artists of all time?

(Let’s find out)

Top 10 Best Selling Musical Artists Of All Time Infographic

You may not be surprised by the artists riding high on the list. The Beatles are widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential bands of all time, Elivis Presley was a cultural icon, Michael Jackson the King of Pop and Madonna the Queen of reinvention. They were all game-changers in their time, carving their own paths and re-writing musical boundaries. 

So who isn't on the list? You may have expected to see names such as Cliff Richard, Diana Ross and Tom Jones amongst others. To qualify, artists need to have their claimed figures supported by at least 20% in certified units to avoid inflated sales figures reported by record companies. Just short of the top 10 were AC/DC, Queen, The Rolling Stones and Abba, all having over 200 million claimed sales and over 50 million certified sales to their names.  

Newer artists face the challenge of new media such as digital streaming impacting their sales, something we covered in 'The Rise of Digital vs. The Vinyl Revival'. The closest current artist that you'll every day through your Hi-Fi speakers is Rihanna at no. 17, so it looks like the top spots will remain the same for the forseeable future.  

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