Video Games Recreated With High Profile Music Collaborations

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Beyonce - Halo

Thought Master Chief was a man? Wrong. Beyonce's vocal range is so insane that she can even pull off male voices.

Not only can she top the Billboard charts, but she will 4Shot you should you dare face up to her on the MLG playlist.  

Guns 'N' Roses - You Could Be Minecraft

Video game? Check. Music artist? Check. Film?! We just took things to a whole new level, with Guns 'N' Roses song 'You Could Be Mine' already having an affiliation with the film Terminator 2. 

I bet you didn't know that The Terminator himself spends his spare time mining - when he's not being sent back in time to murder people, of course. 

Michael Jackson - Grand Theft Auto: Smooth Criminal

On this rare iteration of GTA, there was no option to sprint away after committing the most sadistic of crimes. 

If you've just used the weapons cheat and needlessly attacked hundreds of civilians with a flamethrower, you'll need to use the uniquely featured 'moonwalk' button to silently sneak away from the police. 

The Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man

Forget the Hadouken, forget the Shoryuken, and forget whatever the other thing was called too. 

If you execute the correct combo of buttons on your fightstick, the Moves Like Jagger special move will defeat any opponent, including the real person playing right beside you. 

Blur - Half-Life

After releasing Modern Life Is Rubbish in 1993, Damon changed his bleak outlook on the world after Half-Life was released in 1998. 

No longer was he willing to spend all of his free time writing Britpop classics like Parklife, he just wanted to sit at his PC all day shooting weird creatures up; feeling much more positive about how life was progressing. 

We recently came up with and designed classic Beatles album covers recreated by Apple, a simple concept which went down really well across the internet, being featured on sites like Gizmodo, Fast Company and loads more all around the world.

Because of its success - and the fun we had creating them - we wanted to bring you more. But we weren't going to sit back and use the same idea over-and-over. 

We thought it would be cool to mock up some concept video game covers as if they were endorsed by high profile musicians. 

Can you think of any songs and video games that would work well together? 

What do you think of what we came up with?

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